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Letter of recommendation 


I would like to recommend the wonderful educational game that is the brainchild of Britta Jackle. This game is both educational and fun for children. The game tells a story in a fun way on what is happening to the turtle population within the Great Barrier Reef region. It also addresses the global waters and what threats they encounter daily in their environment as they go on their long distant journey.  It is games like this that bring about changing ideas in our younger generation.  When playing the game, children will learn about the threats to turtles and who is involved in mitigating the threats, not only within Australia but other regions they inhabit and what they can do to assist these animals.

The other benefits are that this game can be conveniently carried in a handbag by a parent to take when they are out at dinner or visiting someone and the child can be amused by a game.

I have also seen Britta’s other games involving endangered animals and they are fantastic.

I wish Britta all the best, what a great way to teach children and have fun.


Yours sincerely


Jennie Gilbert


Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

I am so impressed with these delightful games that Britta Jackle has created in the Games Connect Series. Each game is carefully thought out, beautifully illustrated by hand and packaged so that they are light weight and ideal for travel.
The wildlife series connect and educate the player in a gentle fun way about animals in their natural environment. The Return to Love connect game brings the players together with enjoyable, clever and heartfelt questions that provoke thoughts and feelings about love and connection. I have enjoyed sharing these with family and friends of all ages. Thank you Games Connect.

Anna Gillison

Our family loves these little board games.

They are so much fun and even easy enough for the little ones to play. Tree Kangaroos, Sea Turtles and Cassowaries are truly unique to Far North Queensland and this is a great way to learn about them, their habitat and what dangers they daily have to master.

These games make great presents and I have given them to many of my overseas friends and family. Whenever I have farm stay students I give these as a welcome gift, as they make small, light souvenirs and always get admired for their lovingly made drawings.

Review by Katrin Schreiber

This is an excellent game because it's

- portable: small and easy to carry around

- it's fun

- easy to play

- environment friendly

Review by Jana, 10 years

What a fabulous way to learn about Australian Wildlife and teaching the importance of conservation management in Australia while having fun playing games.
Britta Jackle has created beautifully hand-drawn designs printed on recycled paper
and each game has a unique message to share.
I love playing these with kids and also adults to learn new information in a fun way.
These games make great gifts or simply put into your car and take on a picnic.
Well done Britta.

Sue Wellwood

What a fantastic game! We bought the cassowary game while in QLD.  Beats any main stream game in kids interest and education, teaching us about our beautiful native animals at the same time. We now flash our lights at all oncoming traffic when we see animals near the road in the bush. Thanks for so many great family nights. 

Anita Nicole Sanchez

These eco games are a fun way to learn about wildlife of the world heritage wet tropics rainforest, the reef and oceans and our freshwater rivers. They are also great gifts that could encourage tourists to FNQ to encounter our wonderful wildlife.


Maree Treadwell

President of Bats and Trees Society of Cairns.

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