We reach children's hearts through stories about animals; my hope is that children are inspired into action to help protect them. Education is such an important part of conservation, bringing awareness to the value small actions have in causing a ripple effect for positive change.

These delightful games target children, families, tourists, educators and environment groups. 

They are uniquely hand drawn and coloured, designed to be compact, light weight and fold out to A3, therefore making them perfect for carrying in your handbag if you are travelling, or posting them as a gift.


All games are also much more than a game as they are filled with activities for all ages, such as Did you knows, word searches, how to draw the animal and lots more. 

A fabulous activity for teachers and home schoolers to introduce sustainable, environment education.


The price is a little more than a gift card and comes complete with dice and counters and presented in a beautiful box.

As part of the commitment to the environment  the games are printed locally in far north Queensland, Australia on 100% recycled paper .


The recommended retail price for these games is $13.00

10% of all profit from purchases support local organizations that help to protect the environment. Donations of games is also possible for local events such as World Cassowary Day and Tree Kangaroo Week.




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The Cassowary Game


Tree Kangaroo Game

Learn through the eyes of the majestic cassowary about its habitat, its challenges and its threats.

This game is played like snakes and ladders players journey around the game moving forwards and backwards and occasionally missing a go.  

These ancient iconic creatures deserve respect, understanding and protection. They live in a fast changing world with rapid rural developments creating a real threat to their survival.

Cassowaries are crucial for the germination and dispersal of many rain forest trees. 

Think like an acorn seed, for in each seed lays a thousand forests. Imagine then how important the cassowary poop really is.

By playing this game you can learn what step can be taken to tread more lightly and ensure the survival of this truly iconic 3rd largest bird in the world.






Learn about the beautiful Tree Kangaroo through adventuring in the trees as you play, learning how to help keep them safe by protecting their environment.

Children will inherit the seeds we have sown, so let us all take more responsibility in making the changes necessary to live in a world that protects and nurtures our planet.


Let us find our voices together. 


The Platypus Game

Learn about the iconic playful Platypus as you dive, swim and tunnel through its environment as you move around this game and the included activities.

Be inspired to protect our water ways by becoming aware of threats to this unique amazing creature.


Imagine if the platypus had a complex

about being different. May the platypus inspire us to love our uniqueness and to stand out and shine as we are. Awesome creatures sharing the same awesome planet as care-takers rather than takers without care. 

Play and Learn - Share and Care.




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The Sea Turtle Game

Enjoy learning about the magical under water world of Sea Turtles as they glide through global oceans without border controls. How effortlessly they glide through the water yet on land their great weight requires much effort.


May the Turtle inspire us to adapt to our changing environment, just as the turtle cannot separate itself from its shell, neither can we separate ourselves from what we do to the earth. Let us see our connection to all things.

This is the 4th game in the animal series and l was inspired to create a game that linked the world in its responsibility to care about our beautiful planet. To explore the mysterious oceans and become aware of the importance to protect it. Saying no to plastics and reduce - recycle and reuse in our everyday life.

This is how we be the change. 




Latest Be the change game. communication starter self care self love transformation game.j

A Return to Love Game 

Be the Change Game 

Together with

This beautiful game is a fun interactive experience beginning in the mind and ending in the heart. It is for anyone seeking to find Joy, self love and balance in their lives. What better way than through the gift of sharing stories as one playfully journeys around the board following the prompts to share a little about themselves in a light hearted way.

This game is also filled with thought provoking activities and questions to ponder which can be done alone or as a group, connecting to the heart of the matter and deepening our relationship to ourselves and each other.

Be prepared for a lot of laughs.

This latest game was created as an extension to  "A Return to Love Game" as a deeper exploration into relationship with self and others.  The aim of the game is not about winning but rather to enjoy the journey into the heart and for everyone to get home to this place together through honest caring and sharing. The journey continues to explore balancing the mind with the heart in a wonderfully connective way through laughter and honest communication. This game includes 13 opportunities to All Play, this means that all players get to share on a given prompt. As with the Return to Love Game there is a lot of reflective material included to work with as a group and alone.  

This game has also been left blank so as one can colour in their own patterns and make it individually your own. 

A personal fun favourite as communication is the key to our freedom and literally a game changer.