About us



Games Connect began in 2012 whilst we were home schooling in beautiful Mission Beach and sprung from a desire to bring together the 3 things l am very passionate about; nature and protecting the environment, creativity and bringing fun into education.

Having over 25 years of experience working in schools with all ages, primary and high school, this gave me first hand insights for the need to make learning more fun and relevant to how students can help make a difference to the future of the planet.

Living with regular visits from cassowaries and the reality of their shrinking environment l felt an urge to honour these amazing creatures as they are not seen to be cute and cuddly, to the contrary they are quite intimidating looking and need a lot of help and understanding  if they are to survive.

The "Cassowary game" was to be the beginning of Games Connect and it continued to grow very organically over the next few years with the help of a RADF grant, (Regional Arts Development Fund) into the 6 games currently available today; continually exploring how to grow and share the joy of learning.

A big consideration for Games Connect is creating a product that has a low impact on the environment, uses minimal materials and easily carried in a handbag with a variety of activities for all ages.

These beautiful board games with activities are a great way of reaching the hearts of children, imparting valuable information about our vulnerable unique wildlife in danger of losing their habitat, drawing parallels with children's  need to feel safe and protected and calling on them to help protect our wildlife.

The intention of these games is to educate and promote intimate relationships with our Australian wildlife and remaining wilderness. To motivate the players to become involved in supporting the environment no matter how small, by being a voice for these animals and their home.

May we all support and nurture nature in the way she supports us.


Britta Jackle


Male Cassowary on eggs.