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Cassowary Game

Educational Games with Activities
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The Cassowary Game

Ages 5-14+

Duration 20 min.

These beautiful board games and activities are designed to reach the hearts of children through the eyes of the Cassowary. As players venture around the board they learn about this awe inspiring majestic flightless bird and their daily challenges. Players also learn what actions can be taken to help protect Cassowaries and their environment. As a teacher l love to use these games as an informal learning tool to introduce the importance of caring for nature and having a voice to protect it.

Played similar to snakes and ladders, players are prompted to move forwards, backwards, shortcut or miss a turn. Educational activities include a word search, how to draw, did you know questions and Cassowary facts. Great family fun without screens. These Games are compact and light weight; ideal for posting, making them the perfect gift for sending to distant grandchildren or friends.

Play and learn - Share and care

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Perfect for on the road education or gift postage.

Format of games with activities.

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