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A Return to Love and Be the Change Games

Self awareness transformation games
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A Return to Love Game

Ages 16+

Duration - 30 min +

This is a fun, easy, entertaining game to play and a delightful way to explore self awareness questions. The journey begins in the mind and ends in the heart, it is played similar to snakes and ladders, players follow the prompts to move forwards, backwards or miss a turn whilst they spiral around the board.

The objective of the game is as the title suggests, returning to love through balancing the mind by learning to listen to the heart.

A sense of humour is definitely a key to both these fun games as the first 2 rules are: bend the rules to suit yourself and laugh at yourself. Do yourself a favour and check them out. You will also be supporting a small local family business.

The Games are designed for easy posting and fold out to A3; filled with thought provoking quotes, questions to ponder and activities to further your exploration of "Returning to Love". =)

Be the Change Transformation Game

Age 18+

Duration 1- 3 hrs

This game is an extension of the ''Return to Love" Game and is a deeper exploration with 13 opportunities to All Play. This means that all players get to share when a player lands on an All Play prompt. Hours of fun and lots of laughs. The objective of this game is not about winning as everyone is a winner for showing up. A truly expanding, connecting and empowering experience.

Make sure you give yourself time for this game as the aim is honest sharing. You may even need two sittings to finish a game, if so just make a note where you got up to and begin from there.

The game is intentionally left blank so as to encourage engaging with creativity, colouring in with your own favourite colours to make it part of your own individual creation. Have fun. =)

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Perfect for on the road education or gift postage.

Format of games with activities.

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