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Australian wildlife board Games for children and families that inspire and educate.


Are you looking for animal games that are fun and educational? That also give you ideas of how you can become an agent for change as a family and become part of the change you wish to see.  Jump on board and see how you can help protect our unique awesome Australian animals.

These beautifully illustrated games are aimed at children of all ages, families and schools to support education in an engaging creative way.  Played like snakes and ladders the players are taken on a journey through the eyes of the animals, environment and their daily challenges.

Each game is filled with engaging activities such as word searches, did you know questions and messages to inspire players to learn more about Australia's iconic wildlife and what can be done to protect them and the future of their habitat.

These games are a favourite for tourists, travellers and home school families as they are a fabulous entertaining way to educate whilst on the road or planning a visit to the far north. I often use these games whilst working in schools and the children love them.


Let us support our children through education and example, by taking steps to show we care.  We are the many and our actions and voices have great power together, to sway change in favour of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.

Every small action has a ripple effect in steering the future safety of our beautiful species and planet.

Play and Learn - Share and Care.



Britta Jackle


Through every purchase, you help to deepen your commitment towards protecting the environment and supporting one of our charity organizations.
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Atherton Tablelands Lumholtztree kangaro
The agile Lumholtz tree kangaroo
The awesome iconic Cassowary was the ins
Austratian climbing tree Kangaroo. Queensland Atherton Tablelands.JPG
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Return to love game with be the change game life transformation self care and effective co
heart opening games for Humanity return to love gamesconnect.jpg
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Platypus game Australia www.gamesconnect.com.au.JPG
Platypus game, Yungaburra, Queensland, Australia.jpg
Platypus game, Yungaburra, Queensland Australia, wildlife, www.gamesconnect.com.au.JPG
Platypus game Yungaburra Queensland Australia.jpg
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Cassowary game Mission Beach_