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Australian wildlife board Games that inspire and educate.

Get your kids excited about learning with our collection of teacher-designed educational wildlife games. .A great way to ditch the dry lessons and let these games dive you into your imagination through the eyes of animals, transforming learning time into a passionate empowered voice for nature.

Begin an inspiring nature learning experience through play and follow up with  material in the activities; such as: did you know questions, vocabulary and spelling extensions in the extensive word search and lots more.

Games Connect came about from my own experiences in education both as a student and as a teacher. I questioned how l could use my passion and skills to make learning fun, engaging and affordable whilst addressing something very dear to me; protecting our local wildlife and the environment.








The first game began whilst living in close contact with Cassowaries in Mission Beach. I felt a need to share an understanding with visitors and locals of the importance these amazing yet intimidating creatures are for the health of our rainforests If we value and understand the importance of something we are more motivated to act and this is my gift to the animals who need our help.

.When children are having fun they absorb new information quickly and easily. They get excited by learning new things and love sharing their thoughts and feelings.

These games promote emotional health with social engagement, stimulating the mind through information and empowering action for nature. Kids are naturally fascinated by nature and quick to help an injured animal.. Learning through play about the daily challenges faced by each animal, giving them ideas of how their voice and actions create a ripple effect in helping to protect them and their environment. 

Beautifully hand illustrated and a big favourite for tourists, travellers and home school families as they are a great way to educate whilst on the road or planning a visit to Far North Queensland.



Mindfulness Games.


Laugh at yourself

Bend the rules to suit yourself

Follow the prompts. When you land on a space that requires you to go back the other players decide whether this comment reflects some truth and you need to adhere to the prompt, if not you may stay where you are.

Be honest in your sharing. =)


These 2 delightful games deepen connections with self and others as you journey out of the mind and into the heart, encouraging self awareness through honesty and laughter as players are prompted to reveal something about themselves.  The reverse side is also filled with inspiring questions, quotes and further reading to support personal or group reflections.


The "Return to Love" game is best to be played first and is a shorter game where as the "Be the Change" game will require  more time as it has many opportunities to All Play. This means that all players must share no matter who lands on the prompt. These games harnesses the power of change through inviting deeper connections and engaging players to support each other on this shared journey.

I have used the Return to Love game whilst working in High schools and the students love being able to express themselves and learn about others in an informal relaxed way.

Check out the free downloads as there is a collaborative game made together with primary school students in 2021, designed to help children with social skills and  building closer and meaningful connections with each other..

Hours of fun learning about each other as the aim is not about winning but about sharing time together communicating and building social skills through fun.


All games are designed to be compact and light weight with zero waste, making them the perfect, inexpensive gift to send to loved ones knowing you are also supporting local small business. =)


Play and Learn - Share and Care.



Britta Jackle

Iconic Cassowary  board game based in Mission Beach Far north Queensland, Australia. Educational nature childrens games with activities.
PLATYPUS GAME  YUNGABURRA EAST COAST OF AUSTRALIA BEST GAMES. Educational nature board games. Sustainable eco games. East coast Australia
TREE KANGAROO GAME MALANDA ATHERTON TABLELANDS  NORTH QLD AUSTRALIA BEST GAMES. Atherton Tablelands wildlife and nature games. Animals of Australia.
Educational Sea Turtle game. Great Barrier reef. Global oceans. Australian made board games with activites. Games connect.
Return to Love game. Heart and mind in Balance. Mindfullness, wellness, self love, self care, self awareness. Transformation games. Australia made.
Be the Change Transformation Game. Yin Yang. Wellness, wellbeing, self love, self care, self awareness.
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Tree Kangaroo educational game. Atherton tablelands. Sustainable education. Childrens nature board games.
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wellness, mindfulness, selfawarenss, return to love, be the change games, www.gamesconnect